Collective Diaspora Organizational Structure

Collective Diaspora is a member-led secondary cooperative made up Black cooperatives and Black-led cooperative support organizations. We are governed by a steering committee which sets organization-wide goals and policies in partnership with a series of smaller committees (or Teams, as we call them), of the steering committee, that are responsible for implementing select program areas


Collective Diaspora Teams

and Principal Responsibilities


Membership Development Team

Creates headspace for those in leadership within Collective Diaspora and the Black cooperative ecosystem and simultaneously makes sure that Collective Diaspora members are getting what they want and what they need.


Finances & Fundraising Team

Uses our talents and focus to attract and manage finances in an empowering and transparent manner.


Organizational Structure Team

Harnesses the brilliance of our current members and their experience to create a structure for Collective Diaspora that is democratic, transparent, accountable, empowering, and sustainable. A structure that allows us to live into our cooperative values, builds African unity, and serves as a model for the growth and development of other cooperatives and collectives


Education & Outreach Team

Facilitates a space for shared learning and connection between various parts of the Black cooperative and solidarity economy ecosystems that support Black cooperative economic education.


Technology Team

Explores appropriate technologies and supports their implementation in order to enable the organization to do its best work.