Collective Diaspora Org Structure


Collective Diaspora Teams

and Principal Responsibilities


Membership Development Team

  • Member Education
  • Identify member needs
  • Design & Coordinate Membership Criteria & Benefits
  • Recruit members
  • Partnership Development

Finances & Fundraising Team

  • develop budget
  • raise revenue
  • monitor finances
  • Compliance (taxes, payroll, etc)
  • Partnership Development

Organizational Structure Team

  • Design Org Culture
  • Bylaws Development
  • Design Membership Structure
  • Design Accountability Structures
  • Partnership Development

Education & Outreach Team

  • Public Education Programs
  • Communications
  • Research¬†
  • Partnership Development

Technology Team

  • Stay on top of latest technological advances related to tech needs
  • Coordinate Development & Maintenance of Technologies
  • Develop & Maintain Online Community Platform
  • Develop & Maintain CRM
  • Engage in Partnership Development

Organizational Activity: Distributing Decisions

Everyone does not need to be a part of every single decision.  Part of the process of creating structure is deciding what decisions are made by what groups of people.  Some decisions can be made by individuals, some need to be made by groups, and some need consent from everyone.  There are many right ways to divide things up; it depends on what makes sense for your organization.