Dior St. Hillaire (US)

Worker-Owner, GreenFeen OrganiX Cooperative

Dior St. Hillaire is a Hip Hop MC and worker-owner at GreenFeen OrganiX. She supports the team with composting, customer acquisition, project management, coalition building and policy analysis.

She is passionate about Environmental Justice in the South Bronx and globally, which brings her to BK Rot enthusiastically to add a unique approach to reimagining New York City's waste management system, while supporting the organization to influence local policy, build capacity for local organics processing, and employ creative marketing techniques.

As the current chair of the Bronx SWAB, Dior hopes to help residents of New York City establish a more sustainable relationship with the materials management industry, with the hope of eliminating the idea of waste. It is through arts and activism that we can truly reimagine and engage circular systems that benefit the world and future generations to come.

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